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Granny McPhee Babette Mashup
May 27 2014
April 29 2015
Project info
Granny McPhee Babette Mashup
Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick
Hooks & yarn
5.5 mm (I)
Hobby Lobby Crafter's Secret Solids
Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn! Stripes
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Solids, Heathers & Twists
Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids

Alright, I’m not going to list all the yarn above. I’ll list it here because it will be way easier, plus some don’t have labels anymore and I can’t recall their names.

I was debating making a babette blanket because I’ve had the pattern since 2006, but the thought of sewing all those squares together was giving me kavets. I stumbled upon Maryfairy’s granny mcphee babette mashup and it was like a light went off in my head. She even so kindly offered a blueprint on how to put all the squares together ( bless her, seriously). I am not a puzzle maker and this was never more true than when I taped some graph paper together and tried to make my own only to be off by some squares. -_-
At first I was kinda just putting the squares however, but now I figured out it would be best to work down one side then across. It will save many headaches ahead I’m sure.

Some notes: I used Maryfairy’s note about turning on the 4-12 round squares. it makes a difference, my first square ( the top left 10 rounder) I did not turn and you can tell the difference between that and the 12 rounder a few squares down. The unturned square is tilted/needing blocking but the others are nice and square. so yes do two rows the same way, then turn each row after, this will also make the blanket reversible with no visible ‘wrong side’. That being said if you turn on row three then you will finish on the ‘right side’ with your last row.

I joined as I went, this means I completed each square to the second to last row, (except square one of course) and then joined with the last row. If you don’t know how to join as you go this is good tutorial. That being said, it takes some getting used to and a little bit of counting to join different sized squares together. But once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty well and fast enough. I may put a tutorial on youtube if I get some quiet time to show how to join as you go different sized squares.

Alright on to the fun stuff, the yarn: I wanted to use my scraps, but I also didn’t want a super crazy look of some scrap blankets. So I still tried to find colours that were similar in mood/shade/look what have you. I had a bunch of Vanna’s choice ( my favorite yarn ) along with some impeccable, and I love this yarn. These are the shades and brands I am using.

Vanna’s Choice:
colonial Blue
dusty lavender
poodle pink

Impeccable: ( Michael’s brand yarn)
Kelly Green
Soft Fern
Some turquoise/aqua colour

I Love This Yarn:
Night watch ( variegated)
Yellow ( it may be buttercup or cream I’m not 100% on that)
Also various over dyed and variegated yarns
a purple colour and a small amount of grey

Crafter’s choice: ( Hobby Lobby brand yarn)
Magnolia way

The link to Maryfairy’s granny mcphee

ETA: I wound up putting my chart in a page protector so I could mark off which squares I’ve made and attached, it also helps keep me on track so I don’t have to examine the chart each time I pick up the project.

Finished 4/29/2015: I finished off with a pom pom edge to give some whimsy. I love it this blanket so much. It’s fantastic.

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May 27 2014
April 29 2015
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