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Big Damn Wedding Shawl
April 3 2009
June 21 2009
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Big Damn Wedding Shawl
Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
Habu Textiles XS-6 20/3 Bamboo
1396 yards in stash
0.41 skeins = 970.1 yards (887.0 meters), 81 grams
Habu Textiles in New York City, New York

I must be insane. Going for the bigger version of this shawl; took me a little while to get ahold of the yarn I wanted and find the beads to go with it. I’m starting this before we’ve even set a date, so hopefully I’ll for sure have enough time to finish it!
4/3 I cannot put this thing down! Once I finally got the cast-on to work and look half-way decent, I dove into the set-up chart and found my rhythm by the time I hit the yucca chart. Finished 2 repeats of the yucca chart (only 10 more!) before my eyes finally said ‘No more!’ and made me go to bed.
4/6 Thank God for lifelines!! I really need to learn to put the lace down when it’s late, I’m tired and my hand-eye coordination isn’t what it should be. :P
4/8 I had the hardest time with the 5th yucca repeat last night, not sure why. It’s totally worth it, though; this yarn is knitting up into the most wonderful lace! Love it. I wish I could devote more time out of my day to this project. Stupid work…
4/21 Yay for vacation time! I pumped out the last yucca repeat and started on the transition chart while waiting for my boyfriend’s conference call to finish. I’ve run into a snag (literally) with the yarn tangling up; it didn’t wind up quite so smoothly at one point, and I’ve finally reached that point. I knew it was going to happen, but it’s still annoying. Good pictures from here on out might be impossible, since it’s now way bigger than the needles and I can’t stretch it out.
5/5 On to Agave! I finished my first row of nupps last night during 24; not as scary as I thought they would be. I really wish I had more time to devote to this project…
5/27 After the third nupp row, I finally got the hang of them. Oy! Finished the Final Agave Chart last night, threaded my life line and counted stitches today at lunch; 537 stitches on the needles. Will hopefully have the time to start the edging tonight.
6/10 22 rows into the edge, 24 more to go!
6/16 Am averaging about two rows a night at this point; I’m at row 35, so ten more to go. I would really like to have this done and blocked by the end of next week. Nupps have become almost second nature.
6/20 Last row finished, ready to bind off!!
6/21 Blocked! It’s drying on my bed right now, it’s all I can do to not unpin it before it’s totally dry and twirl around with it like a little girl. :D

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April 3 2009
June 21 2009
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