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Crow art (untitled)

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August 4 2009
work in progress
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Crow art (untitled)
Needles & yarn
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
Plymouth Yarn Galway Chunky
738 yards in stash
Edla's Yarns in Walsenburg, Colorado

1/4/13 -- I “finished” this fall of 2011, but I’ve been unhappy about the supports, and how it looks hung. I have an alternate set of supports in mind that would be much cooler. Stay tuned…

8/30/11 -- started working on this again a couple of days ago. Trying to get it done for an art show. There’s more left to do than I thought and I still have no idea how I’ll hang it without stretching or sagging. Additional problems: I noticed I stopped making the edges nice about halfway through, and I’ve lost my pattern (even the digital file cannot be found) so all I have to go on is a modified version of the photograph of the pattern here. Gotta be more organized in the future. Gah.

7/3/10 - Getting ready to frog several rows. This project requires a lot more focus than I’m used to. I made lots of mistakes while working on the bird flying off the left edge (because I was talking and working on it at the same time)… I thought I’d just keep going and wing the modifications to compensate, but I ended up messing up the large middle bird because of those mistakes I made back then. I tried to fix just that part. Turns out… it’s not easy dropping down and picking up to fix intarsia mistakes. Especially when the mistakes involve which color was used. So off I go to frog. Sniff, Sniff

Also, it’s been brought to my attention that hanging the finished piece is going to be a problem… vertical stretching. I guess galleries go through a lot of painstaking work to make sure the stretching doesn’t happen. So I’m reevaluating how to handle that. So if anyone has any suggestions for hanging that don’t involve a matching-colored pin pushed into every single stitch, I’d really appreciate it.

6/4/10 - picked it up again, woohoo! Did a couple more inches or so. Check out the cell phon photo. Kind of an icky photo, but you can see it’s growing!! Good thing I took that photo of the pattern because I’ve lost my pattern! It’s difficult to read from the photo though. I will probably have to make a new pattern. :-/

10/6/09 - This piece has been in hibernation for a while. I had to put it aside to work on christmas presents. I miss working on it though. Sorry if you’ve been waiting to hear more about it!

8/28/09 - This is a piece of wall art I designed. If it goes well, I might make a chart up for others to try out. It’s a bunch of black crows in flight. I haven’t measured it, but it’s approximately 50” in width.

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In progress
August 4 2009
work in progress
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by Plymouth Yarn
100% Wool
123 yards / 100 grams
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