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August 29 2010
October 12 2010
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Baudelaire by Cirilia Rose
Needles & yarn
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
Berroco Remix®
7 skeins = 1512.0 yards (1382.6 meters), 700 grams
GGH Bel Air

This is such a beautiful design. It’s a pity that neither the booklet nor the Berroco website shows off a picture of the back ruffles because I really love that detail. Until I saw it on the Ravelry pattern page, I didn’t even know those ruffles existed.

I am using Remix for this pattern, holding it doubled for the sections that call for chunky yarn. My row gauge is a wee bit off, and I have to make minor adjustments, but otherwise it seems to be working out fine.

If you start with the left side of the back, you can break the yarn and set it aside. Then, when you’re done knitting the right side, you can proceed right to the joining row without having to break yarn again.

I added an extra 1-1/2” of length to the jacket.

I used a long-tail cast-on to make the ruffles and held a contrast color as the yarn on the thumb. Though the pattern didn’t specify to do so, I sewed down the side edges of the 2nd and 3rd ruffles on the back, as I thought that just looked better. Since I had some extra length to the jacket, I made the front ruffle wider (cast on more stitches, same as the next size up). Really, though, it would have worked out either way since the ruffle can stretch to fit. To keep it from being too big and overwhelming, I only knit the front ruffle to row 12 and then switched to stockinette. The buttonholes were made using the tulip buttonhole technique. I sewed the outer buttonhole band to the ruffles horizontally between the buttonholes to help prevent gaping.

The sleeve cuffs are a nice treatment, and I love the resultant welting that forms, but they can be done a bit more simply. After picking up the necessary stitches, turn your work. With RS facing, use a cable cast-on to add 6 more stitches. *Knit 6, knit next 2 stitches together. Turn and purl back. Repeat from * till there are no more stitches on left needle. I made my neckband a bit smaller, casting on only 4 stitches.

I only knit the neck ruffle to row 12, then knit 1 row on the WS. Next, I knit it in to the neckband itself and made it extend to the front edge of the neckband. This ruffle was then sewn to the front ruffle to make them continuous. I sewed in a hook rather than a snap to keep the collar in place.

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August 29 2010
October 12 2010
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