Latvian Socks - Latgale
April 30, 2015
August 19, 2015

Latvian Socks - Latgale

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Hobbywool Knit Like A Latvian

At the last H&H fair in Cologne I found these kits and decided to try them out.

Maybe my first attempt at sock knitting should have been made with another pattern.

The chart is amazing, the colors of the yarn are great!

Now comes my but:

1) The labeling of the yarn is missing. No care instructions. Only on ravelry did I find out that it is 100% wool.
So I guess no machine washing?

2) The instructions are probably good in Latvian. In English they are not always so clear. If you know how to knit socks - this is a nice kit for you. For a first timer it was a lot of work to find out what the pattern was saying.

3) The stitch count in the pattern is very confusing. On the recommended needle size, that count would give me socks for a six-year-old:-o
I needed almost 150% of the stitch count the pattern keeps referring to. And still the socks are extremely tight. (I’m sure lots of wear will take care of that come winter ;-))

So basically I have been holding off from the second sock, I will get to it eventually, and it will be way easier.
Eventually, I will sew felt soles to the socks and use them as house slippers. Not a fan of non-machine-washable socks.

The resulting sock is really pretty, it’s just the way there that’s a bit rocky.
Once you’re done, they result is absolutely worth your while!

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April 30, 2015
August 19, 2015
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