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Sweet Beekeeper's Quilt
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August 2 2011
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Sweet Beekeeper's Quilt
the beekeeper's quilt by tiny owl knits
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King sized quilt (probably)
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February 28 2013 - Passed the 300 mark and now friends from knit group are making quilts too so I am even more inspired to work on this. Found that a puff knit on the same needles in DK weight is basically quite the same size as in fingering. Removed the few yarns I had listed that I had used here because the yarns I will be using will be too many to keep track of.


September 28, 2012 - I am up to 256 puffs now and I am picking this project up again after an off and on hiatus. My husband is helping me knit for this now! Yay!

October 21 2011 - I am around 130 puffs now, managed to finish 9 on my weekend vacation to Rhinebeck. I was surprised there were not more sock yarn minis for sale at Rhinebeck. I didn’t find any but did find a nice Dragonflyfibers free mini yarn sample at the LOOP booth. I am not keeping track of all the different yarns that I use for this quilt because that would be too time consuming. I will however add the stash yarns (whole skeins) that I pull from my stash for this project so I don’t mess up my yarn organization/inventory.

Sept 20 2011 - I finished my 83rd puff today and I still love this project although I am letting myself work on other things too now. I experimented with boucle and love how the puff turned out. Added my hexipuff template for chart making to this notebook.

Aug 27th - Just over 40 puffs done! Still addicted! This project is a really good ‘yarn tasting’ experience as you can work with so many yarns and really learn about guage and handle of yarns. I have to say this has also shown me how great my own yarn bases are as I have been using up scraps from my yarn skeining of my Doll Feet, Bootsie, Muststashyo and Stiletto. Very nice. I have learned that Noro is very unpredictable in the regular sock and the Silk Garden lite.

Aug 11th - Added a racoon chart. I am up to 20 puffs and made my first one out of kidsilk haze lastnight - so soft and squishy.

Aug 9th - Designed a template for the hexipuff shape to allow me to do knitting charts in the exact hexipuff shape - it helps my mind understand the way the chart will be knit much easier - so a little owl , bob and a deer - feel free to use them. I will add more throughout this KAL.

Aug 8th - I am up to 14 finished puffs and about to cast on #15. I am randomly adding lavender to every few puffs. I think I might make this queen sized so aboutg 950 puffs needed. I did 4 in my own bootsie yarn, one in a sparkly grey cotton, and 2 in a neat unknown wool yarn in bright orange and pink. About to cast on the next one in Squoosh Merino/Seacell in Autumn Spice and will add an embroidered flower to it.

Aug 3 2011 - It is 2pm and I have already finished 3 hexipuffs! This is totally addictive and fun! Thus far I finished 2 in Misti Alpaca sock and 1 in Noro sock. I have setup a basket on my bedside chest and I will be compiling puffs there. Soooo fun!

Aug 2 2011 - Found this pattern tonight and can’t wait to get started.

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In progress
August 2 2011
work in progress
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