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May 7 2013
May 21 2013
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Sherlock and Watson
Sherlock and Watson Amigurumi Pattern by Phoebe Grassby
Nicole Wallace
Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)
9.0 mm (M/N)
5.0 mm (H)
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Solids, Heathers & Twists

I made these for my sister’s friend, Nicole. I used entirely stash yarn (Red Heart and Vanna’s Choice), except for the light blue (Vanna’s Choice) that I bought for Sherlock’s scarf.

I wanted them to be a little bit bigger, so I held two strands together and used a size J hook for most of it. I also decided to use 10mm eyes, and place them slightly farther apart than the originals.

Here are the things I changed:
-I omitted the final round of the head, so that there would be the same number of stitches in the last round of the head and body. They were easier to sew together that way.
-For the arms, I started with six stitches in a magic ring, and kept six the whole time. I don’t even like working with such few stitches when I’m only using one strand, let alone two.
-Nicole requested that Sherlock’s hair be black, so I used black yarn. I only used one strand. I used the J hook to make the chain, and then single crocheted with a size N hook so I could make sure to keep them loose.
-For his scarf, since I didn’t want to use two strands, I cast one 10 stitches onto size 6 needles. I just knitted until it wrapped around in a way I liked. I probably could have cast on only 7 instead, but it’s not too bad since stockinette stitch rolls up.
-For each of their coats, I used a size H hook and one strand of yarn. I did the first row of single crochet through the back bumps of the chain to keep a nice edge. I also slip stitched along the raw edges of the coats so that it would have a nicer edge.
-Watson’s coat got an extra row of single crochets along the bottom since it was a little short. It probably could have gotten another one, since the color change shows a bit in the back.
-For Watson’s hair, I used a size H hook to make the chain. I decided to just leave the hair hanging loose rather than tacking it down. I thought that it was very likely that the pieces would be pulled out of the stitches, and then it would look even worse. Also, I wasn’t sure how short to make it (which is why it’s a little long), and told Nicole that she could cut it however she liked after she gets them.

Things I’m unhappy about:
-I really don’t like Sherlock’s hair. The pattern didn’t explain very well how to attach it, nor did it have a picture of the top of the head (which is why I made sure to include one, so that people will be able to see sort of how I did it). I ended up going along and pulling some of the loops up so make it look a little more messy, but I still don’t really like it.
-I already discussed my issues with Watson’s hair. Although, to give credit, I do like the way the chain stitches function as a part.
-I really don’t like the way the jackets are made. I thought about changing them, but I was already far enough through it that I didn’t want to go back. I decided that the slip stitches along the edge would be alright.
-I’m also unhappy about how closely the skin-tone yarn and Watson’s shirt match. It looks like he doesn’t have a shirt on! It is a different color (and brand), but it’s too similar. I should have used a medium brown. That was my choice really, and not a problem with the pattern.

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May 7 2013
May 21 2013
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