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Alice Inspired Gloves (Alice in Wonderland)
Alice Inspired Gloves (Alice in Wonderland) by Stitch Neutral
self to help my daughter learn how
BlueStella on ravelry
36 stitches
Needles & yarn
royal blue
thrift store
thrift store

becaue my daughter wnted to make a pair so i am making a set with her mine is dark royal blue with cream hers are light blue and white

i di dmine in plain sockintet stitche where my daughter did hers in a twisted knit stitch. Because of the nature of the two stitches of course hers does not roll as much if i did again i would do it hte way my daughter did and i would add a thumb gusset as i never just like the slit feel always is sort of uncormfortable and pulls funny. Becaue of this i will probably always wear these with lace gloves under them

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February 15 2014
February 16 2014
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