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Tiger Star Blanket

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November 28 2010
December 18 2010
Project info
Tiger Star Blanket
Baby Starghan (Star Afghan) by Beth Espina-Cole
the Connell bean
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
1,172 yards = 3.83 skeins
Hayfield Bonus DK
none left in stash
1.13 skeins = 345.8 yards (316.2 meters), 113 grams
HobbyCraft in Berkshire
November 28, 2010
Hayfield Bonus DK
31 yards in stash
1.67 skeins = 511.0 yards (467.3 meters), 167 grams
120719, 301304
HobbyCraft in Berkshire
November 28, 2010
Hayfield Bonus DK
373 yards in stash
1.03 skeins = 315.2 yards (288.2 meters), 103 grams
November 28, 2010

OH is insisting I make this star-shaped afghan in tiger stripe colours for our friend Tash, who loves tigers and is about to have a baby.

Great little pattern, am loving the Bonus DK yarn as well, it’s lovely to work with, and so cheap! Finished blanket will have alternating black, orange and white stripes. Have done the first six rounds, but now have to wait for my orange yarn to arrive! Shop had black and white in, but not the bright orange, so I’ve had to order it online.

01/12/10 orange yarn has arrived! and boy, is it orange. Fantastically bright, but I’m sure it won’t be so bad when it’s in amongst the black and white.

08/12/10 halfway there (about 19 rounds in) and the baby’s been born already! This may become a “first Christmas” present for little KC rather than a birthday one, as I’m way too busy to finish this quickly now.

18/12/10 and I’m done! I have to say, I love this blanket, although it did get very dull to finish, doing the same stitch over and over and over again. Next blanket will be more interesting!

Some notes on the project

I’ve followed the pattern pretty accurately, I think, although I may have fudged the valley corners a little. Colourwise, I’ve done:

5 rounds black
1 round white
3 rounds orange
1 round white
3 rounds black

repeated the 1 white, 3 colour, alternating between black and orange, until I had 4 orange and 4 black stripes. I did one final round of white, and then edged with sc all the way around, for a total of 38 rounds plus edging.

The finished blanket measures 27” from the centre hole to the point of the arm, so approx 50” total width.

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November 28 2010
December 18 2010
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