Neat Garter Stitch Hem
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Neat Garter Stitch Hem

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To keep the bottom of each dress neat, I knit several garter rows. This not only helps to keep the hem from curling, it allows me to neatly add color changes or a crochet edging. Over time, I have found the garter stitches look better when I knit these rows back and forth on 24” circular needles… not in the round. I have also found that the long tail cast on creates a perfect first garter ridge without having to knit extra rows. I cast on and when I turn the needle to knit, the first garter ridge is done…I immediately add a new color or continue knitting two rows in the same color to create a second ridge. You can see in the second picture, the cast on creates it’s own garter ridge.

When using this trick and following my color work charts for my bunny dress designs, the long tail cast on row counts as both row 1 and 2 of the colorwork charts.

The steps are listed below.

  1. Cast on stitches using a long tail cast on.

  2. Turn the work. This is now the front of your work.

  3. Add the second color, knit across the row and back again. This creates the second garter ridge of color.

4-5. Turn the work and add another color if desired. Work two rows of knitting for every garter ridge desired.

Continue working this way adding colors on the right side of the work until all garter rows are finished.

Once the garter rows are finished, I begin knitting in the round using 12 inch circular needles. When the dress is finished, it is very easy to seam the small garter hem opening at the back.

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