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The Great Gooberlicious (my feisty Inner Beast)
January 6 2017
January 10 2017
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The Great Gooberlicious (my feisty Inner Beast)
Inner Beast by sharon maher
Hooks & yarn
goobers & bits
in stash

She picked her own name, possibly because of how I described the yarn I was using to make her.


I kind of expected her to be as garish as the selection of yarn I used to make her magic ball (egg), especially with orange as my carry-along color. I guess maybe it’s because it was light orange, it ended up looking more neutral than I’d thought it would.

Really happy with the beard that just happened to form in the vicinity of her chin.

Also, “Ta-na-na, ta-na-na-na, beast got diamonds in the cups of her feet!”


My first actual crochet project. Until now I’ve faked my way through a few crochet components in knitting projects, but now I will tackle the crochet beast along with my own inner beast!

Totally understand now why it’s called a magic ball. The yarns look much better all mixed up together than they do by themselves. Attempting to use up a bunch of random things that have been in my stash so long I’ve forgotten their origin. And a few scraps from other projects. The pile of green and brown scraps in the garish stash photo is destined to be stuffing.

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January 6 2017
January 10 2017
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  • Project created: January 7, 2017
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