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Guild Woolsack Cushions

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January 2012
August 16 2012
Project info
Guild Woolsack Cushions
Needles & yarn

Total of 5 complete cushions and 2 pink fronts. Each cushion has squares made by members and finished by me.

Pattern based on Jane KAL’s 9 patch.

One of these (top I think) has been spotted with the Team GB wheelchair fencing squad!

Photos 1-4 completed April 2012 and stuffed at the Cheshire Guild stuffing event

Photo 5 Piles of squares ! (Jan 2012)

Photo 6 : Pink and Purple front sent to Fibre East for the gymnastic training centre July 2012

Photo 7 & 8: Working on the final squares at Olympic football for the second pink front completed August 2012 and sent to Finchley Finishers

Photo 9: Final Guild cushion finished July 2012 and sent to Finchley Finishers for stuffing.

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January 2012
August 16 2012
About this pattern
Personal pattern (not in Ravelry)
  • Project created: February 18, 2012
  • Finished: August 17, 2012
  • Updated: August 22, 2012