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Y6 residential Woolsack Cushion
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm

Most of the squares for this cushion were made on the Year 6 residential trip to York. We stayed at the Racecourse centre (hence the horseshoe) and 4 of the children, Emily, Evie, Olivia and Alicia worked on squares during any spare time (not much) during the week. A colleague, Miss F, also knitted some squares during the evenings spent outside the bedrooms waiting for the children to go to sleep. The motif in the centre is based on the Crossed Keys on York’s coat of arms, and one of the squares was even worked on as we waited for the Olympic Torch relay to go past!
The crocheted white rose covers an inadvertent yarnover, and the centre is made from gu53bee’s yellow plum tree by her lovely hubby, especially for the cushion. ETA: Their link is that they met at uni in York!

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June 18 2012
July 17 2012
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