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birthday wrap (numéro un)
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September 2011
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birthday wrap (numéro un)
Pembroke Wrap by Andrea Rangel
ma mère
Needles & yarn
Knit Picks City Tweed HW
1.8 skeins = 295.2 yards (269.9 meters), 180 grams

Okay -- for all of you wanting to adapt the pattern to a lighter weight yarn (I’m using aran weight on size 10.5), read on for my mods :

So -- I originally thought I’d just “add a few more repeats” to make it larger. Easier said than done. As it turns out, it wasn’t too hard to modify this, but if you see that row 1 or the Leaf Lace pattern isn’t the same as row 1 of the Arrowhead Scallop Pattern, you’ll see the problem. Here’s how I fixed it:

After completing the Leaf Lace pattern, the first time, I inserted a “between Leaf Lace and Arrowhead Scallop” pattern that looks like this:

  • Do Row 1 of the Arrowhead Scallop Edge (ASE)
  • On Row 2 of the ASE, p f/b before and after the side repeat sections, for a total of 4 increased sts across the row
  • On Row 3 of the ASE, do the following : K3, YO (g st edge), then K2, YO, and begin repeats; after repeats have ended for the right side, K1, YO, K2. Mirror that on the other side with YO’s on each side of the repeats. 4 sts increased across the row.
  • You now can do Row 4 of the Leaf Lace pattern, with 4 additional sts before and after the repeats as shown on the pattern.
    Continue Leaf Lace until the end of that pattern. Continue to ASE or go back to these directions to make it even larger.

I inserted two of these patterns before continuing on to the end of the shawl. The shawl took less than 2 balls and is surprisingly large enough! Measurements forthcoming.

ETA : I pulled it off -- made three of these shawls in the same yarn, different colors to suit the recipients, for my mother and her two sisters -- all to celebrate various birthdays !! Yay. Love it when I can pull these things off. The other ones are here and here.

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September 2011
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