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Nature's Blessings Stole
July 17 2010
July 22 2010
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Nature's Blessings Stole
Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf by Zona Sherman
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm

LOVE the final outcome!! SO much work, but so worth the effort. I embroidered a cross on one end and a flower on the other. My embroidering skills are somewhat lacking, but I think it goes with the whole feel of the stole.

My pastor and friend gave me fleece from her niece’s sheep, and I cleaned, combed, and spun it into yarn. I’ve been playing around with dyes, and decided to try natural dyeing, as she is really interested in gardening and sustainable living.

I am using the scrappy lengthwise scarf’s stitch pattern, though the scarf is width-wise, not lengthwise.

The dark green/pale green yarn is from two dyes of red onions, no mordant. The pale yellow is Queen Anne’s Lace, allum mordant. The orange is tickseed with copper pennies. The pink is the third dye with the tickseed bath, pennies removed.

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July 17 2010
July 22 2010
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