P o n c h o
February 2012
April 22, 2012

P o n c h o

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#06 Cabled Swing Poncho by Michele Wang
Neck / TorsoPoncho
Needles & yarn
US 9 - 5.5 mm
Zealana Artisan TUI

Well, I am most impressed with the design of this poncho, as well as the garment, itself! The broken-rib yoke fans out perfectly at the shoulders and the wonderfully wide rectangles that make up the front and the back in cable panels and vertical cartridge rib allow for swing, swing, swing (as it is called by the designer). The yarn is amazing as it has wonderful loft and takes the weight right out of the garment. (Now, I do not know why The Yarnsisters website does not link up above, I would love to tell them how much I love this yarn!)

I will admit to row gauge difficulties, so the number of rows had to be reconfigured. And, you ask, why did it matter? Placement of the must-have pockets (what is a poncho without pockets??) were too low and unfortunately, I discovered this row gauge thing AFTER knitting the entire back….. so, with a bit ‘o redoing, this project has taken some time.

Twill tape is a god-send and I talk about it a lot (hence, the pic). Found in any fabric store, pre-packaged in different colors and different widths, I sew it to seams and to high stress spots on the inside. I literally have a stash of the stuff. It keeps garments from stretching annoyingly at the neck’s edge and if used for reinforcement (on this project, in the front, where the two yoke fronts are overlapping and likely will stretch with on/off movement) gives that garment longevity of life.

~photographed at The Rose Garden
~ hat was a Christmas present from the photographer, aka, my hubby! :)

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February 2012
April 22, 2012
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