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Runder Teppich - Crochet Doily rug
Häkeln im Frühling - Dekoratives Häkeln Sonderheft
Hooks & yarn
6.5 mm (K)
Katia Cotton Cord
6 skeins = 328.1 yards (300.0 meters), 600 grams
March 2013

Muster im Sonderheft - Häkeln in Frühling. Im Magazin benutzen die NEXT ReCotton uni (recyceltes Baumwollgarn) ca. 4500g und hat einen Durchmesser von 130cm, mit Häkel Nadel Nummer 12.

Ich hab das tolle Katia Cotton Cord benutzt, und Häkelnadel nummer 6.5.

Durchmesser 77cm

I used the great cotton cord yarn from Katia. The pattern asked for thicker yarn in T shirt style and Hook Nr. 12. I like the look I get using Katia cotton cord more than the look in the magazin though.

Total of 18 rounds

1st skein finished up in Round 5 (picture 1)
2nd skein finished up in Round 9 (picture 2)
3d skein finished up in Round 12 (picture 3)
4th skein finished up in Round 16 (picture 4)
5th skein finished up in Round 17
6th skein finished up in Round 18

Following the pattern, the rug would be finished before the 6th skein is. Instead of 3dc clusters, i did 6 to form the shell, so I needed little more yarn for the 1/4th of round that was left to do.

I took pictures after finishing up each skein (see picture with 1-6), and I love to see it grow. It´s not that hard on the hands to crochet. But I do stop myself, to rest the hands, just in case :) It crochets up pretty quickly.

Diameter 77cm

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March 14 2013
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