Many Moments of Grace
November 18, 2009
February 6, 2015

Many Moments of Grace

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Rime Frost - Rimfrost by Annika Malmstrom-Bladini
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
SOLsilke Bohus Angora-Merino Yarn
in stash

6/10/11 I should note for any who read this that I am not following the pattern construction AT ALL. I am knitting from the top down using a provisional shoulder cast on (so I could then pick up the other shoulder and knit down without a seam, and once past the armholes can continue knitting in the round. I’m including a central steek so I can turn this into a cardi, and I plan to do a mitered, hemmed edge all around to make it somewhat jacket-like. In recent weeks I’ve kicked back into gear and have added perhaps 2 inches to the body.

3/6 Finally getting back to this. I decided I want to get the yoke done so I can try it on properly for armhole fitting, so I have undone the provisional cast on at each shoulder and am knitting the fronts downwards simulataneously. Once the fronts are bridged (with steeking stitches added, I think in seed or rib), I’ll put the live stitches on a spare circular and go ahead and work the yoke, also with steeking stitches. One concern - will the neck get too small?

11/21/2009 - wow, tough sledding getting this started! I keep going by memory - bad idea! I thought I’d calculated that my smaller gauge matched the size L - WRONG! Restart for size XL to result in a room M. I forgot the clarification on the yoke opening decreases and knit them as I interpreted the pattern - DESPITE that I had taken part in the discussion of the confusion. Then I got panicky about my gauge and cast on an additional 12 stitches for the bottom of the yoke and ended up with what clearly looked to be a very wide sweater. After 3 days I had all of about one square inch of sweater to show for my effort. Last night I made some decent progress and now have two shoulders joined by a narrow bridge and the prospect of calming stockinette for a few hours - before the armhole decreases start and I’m sure I’ll have another adventure of miscalculations.

For future reference (color number, weight in grams):
134 - 7 grams in kit
50 - 7 g
91 - 10 g
129 - 3.5 g
148 - 2
69 - 2
164 - 2 g
259 - 0.6 g!!!
96 - 75+98+146 = 319 g

Swatch on size 0 Addi’s (not lace)
row #1: 18.5
row #2: 18
row#3: 18 Average = 9 st/inch

Column #1: 12.2/inch
#2: 18/1.5
#3: 24.5/2 inch Average = 12 rows/inc

Gauge specified by pattern is 33 st/4 inch, or 8.25 st/inch. I should probably try another swatch with size 1 needles. The needle specified is size 1.5

The size 1 swatch was closer to gauge, but I love the fabric of the size 0 swatch. I’ll plan on knitting the next size up, which about accounts for the difference. And I plan to knit in the round, steeking for the opening and then picking up and knitting button bands later, mitering the corners with k1 M1 k1 M1 k1 on every right side and all purl on wrong. About 8-10 rows is the right width.

June 14, 2014 - yes, I am taking sooo long on this sweater. It has languished the last year or so while I try to get the shoulder caps right, fail, then put it away. I am working them top down and have tried several times to get the shaping right. Finally have settled on a total of 176 sts around, 46 sts for top of cap (2-x), the straight edges get another 30 sts on each side picked up in a pick up 2 sts, skip one, pick up 1, skip one, pick up 1, skip one pattern (2-x-1-x-1-x). The slanting edges are picked up (2-x) for a total of 22 stitches, and the bottom bind off is picked up one for one.

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November 18, 2009
February 6, 2015
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