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Souvenir of Fiber Fest

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April 18 2013
April 30 2013
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Souvenir of Fiber Fest
Souvenir: A Blended Intarsia Project by Susan Newhall
Needles & yarn
Handspun Fingerwolie Worsted Blue Merino Rainbow
blue black 998 1968ombre
StevenBe in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Unknown reclaimed from Jenny's scarf

The fuzzy and soft main color was from a scarf that I frogged. Daughter Jenny had knit it and then tired of it and put it in the donation pile. I couldn’t bear to let that lovely fiber go out to where it would like be machine washed so took the tedious time to frog a very fuzzy yarn. I’m not sure of the fiber - maybe kid mohair, but it seems a bit soft for that, maybe angora, maybe angora/mohair blend, maybe some wool. Maybe Jenny will remember…

Most of this shawl has been knitted at Yarnover and the accompanying Fiber Fest at StevenBe’s, hence the name.

Knitting was finished on the 30th of April, but the ends were woven in and the dyeing done on May 1. Blocking was on May 2.

The pattern has an interesting construction of short rows to create a circular shawl. I added several sections that did not have short rows (8 rows straight spaced evenly 6 times around the shawl) so that the neck edge would grow faster - I was worried about running out of yarn.

The shawl was originally a pale cream with dark blue pattern - the contrast was greater than I cared for, so I overdyed with a dilute black dye solution (~0.2g for the 200 g shawl, Cushings Acid Dye).

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April 18 2013
April 30 2013
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