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Inner Beast aka Stash Guardian 2017
January 1 2017
January 4 2017
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Inner Beast aka Stash Guardian 2017
Inner Beast by sharon maher
Hooks & yarn
5.5 mm (I)
Loren Patik
1 skein = 229.0 yards (209.4 meters), 100 grams

Using a magic ball made for me in a swap by Sue Studionoodling. Holding it together with a black yarn with my name on it ----------------------------------------->

He will be called Brainless Wonder; there he is, playing with the yarn which was supposed to make the rest of his head! Oops.

Ok, now that he has entered adolescence, he is no longer so mischievous. In fact, he seems to want to guard my yarn from intruders! So I have to think up a new name for him. Maybe Zippy? The other name hurts his feelings ;)

He is part beast, part gremlin. He loves to tangle my yarn, hide my tools (especially yarn needles) and otherwise thwart my efforts to finish projects.

He shall be tamed!

Embryo stage - Magic Ball
Infant/child - pre-horns
Adolescent stage - horns emerging
Adult stage - fully embellished

How I did the horns:
From bottom up:
8 sc in magic ring, do not completely close (I formed it around my index finger).
3 rounds even, working in spiral fashion.
Invisible decrease first two stitches every round until 3 st left.
Finished off by making 4 chains.
Stuffed lightly and shaped to mimic “jester’s horns”.

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January 1 2017
January 4 2017
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by Loren
100% Acrylic
229 yards / 100 grams
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