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April 8 2013
August 5 2013
Project info
Holey Square Shawl by Marianne Sigg
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace Solid
1 skein = 1250.0 yards (1143.0 meters), 113 grams
Dublin Bay Knitting Company in Portland, Oregon
January 15, 2011
madelinetosh Prairie
Knit Purl in Portland, Oregon

classic ~ simple ~ dramatic ~ a perfect pattern

… … … … … … … … … … … … . .

I’d been looking for just the right project for this black-gray lace I got in Portland on the yarn train 2 years ago

it had to be something that was classic but simple enough that design elements wouldn’t be lost in the dark, dark color

this was perfect

I’ve used this yarn once before here and the softness and drape made for one of my most worn knits

project notes:

  • designer updated pattern with corrections a few days after I printed my copy so my notes below may not apply to the newer version

  • pretty sure that Row 1 is a WS purl row (eta:I messaged the designer to double check & it is)

  • pattern doesn’t state but after the second ‘hole’ row where you ‘knit 21 st….’, there should be a WS purl row to follow that ‘closes the gaps’ as after the 1st ‘hole’ row, then one more RS knit row (which makes for a total of 28 rows for the pattern repeat before starting again with a WS purl Row 1)

  • pattern states to do ‘9 hole rows’ ~ I just finished my first and I’ve only got a bit more than 2 1/2” in length so I’m wondering if it’s really 9 pattern repeats which would actually be 18 rows of holes and closer to the specified 40” completed size? (28 rows x 9 repeats + 11 rows before casting off for total of 263 rows)

  • I decided I wanted my cast on edge and bind off edge to be mirror images ~ so I did 17 hole rows (that way you start and end with the same hole row ~ the first in the pattern), then 11 rows stockinette stitch for a total of 247 rows before binding off

  • I slipped the first stitch every row to make the crocheted edging easier (RS-slip purlwise with yarn in back, WS-slip purlwise with yarn in front) ~ also helps with blocking…I’ll block all 4 edges on wires before crocheting the edge to get rid of as much curling as possible to make the crochet work simpler

  • I’m finding if you slide your stitches close to the end of the needle before working them, it keeps the stitches around the holes nice and uniform (probably helps that I’m a tight knitter to begin with!) ~ I added a close up photo to show ~ I think they look nice!

  • wet blocked in a little Eucalan but it took so long getting it pinned to the mats that I had to spritz it since it dries so quickly

  • found it was easier to run the blocking wires with the shawl upside down on the mats ~ this is definitely the hardest part of the entire project!

  • body of shawl before adding crocheted edge took 83g of yarn (about 950yds)

  • preblocking measurements: 32 x 32”

  • blocked measurements : was able to block it to 40 x 40” even with omitting the last row of holes to make it mirror imaged

  • used an F hook to crochet edging ~ did one stitch in each cast on & bind off stitch but on the slipped st sides, I did (single crochet in first st, single crochet in second stitch and 2 single crochets in the third stitch) repeated to end ~ around corners I did (single crochet, chain one, turn, single crochet in corner stitch)

  • edging took 4.5g of yarn

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April 8 2013
August 5 2013
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by Lorna's Laces
50% Silk, 50% Wool
1250 yards / 113 grams
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  • Finished: August 5, 2013
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