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Peruvian Kiss
Kiss Of North by Melissa Schaschwary
3rd size (cast on 68) to make up for smaller gauge
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
Berroco Peruvia
3 skeins = 522.0 yards (477.3 meters), 300 grams
Ana Cross Stitch in Anacortes, Washington

5-28-2012 ~ finished today & wore all day…love it!!!


I was excited to knit this the minute Dandiliongirl Designs put it up on Ravelry ~ I can’t wait one more minute!

using aran weight stash yarn so will have to mess around a bit with gauge and figure out what size to make ~ I’m thinking a medium??

my gauge: 4” = 16 1/2st x 21 rows


  • I knit my vest to 23 1/2” (I’m a shrimp!)
  • on the row where you put shoulder sts on a holder, to correct the pattern error that hadn’t been fixed yet, I k31, bound off 6, k31 and then when I got to the hem of each front panel, I increased by 1st (32st each side) on Row 1 (the last plain knit row before you start your stitch pattern)
  • I used 4 buttons per side spaced 3” apart (they’re JHB buttons from Spain that I got at Wildfibers in Mt Veron)

helpful hints:

  • for the front panels - instead of increasing by 1 stitch where noted to get a correct # of stitches to make the hem pattern work, I found it easier to add the 1 extra stitch at the last knit row just before the hem pattern starts (another easy way to get a correct stitch count would be to adjust at the last row of the back section where you do your neck bindoff stitches…adjust the #’s for your size so that all #’s are even #’s making sure that the # of stitches you put on waste yarn = the number of stitches you are going to work with on the left front panel ~ doing this takes away the need to increase by 1 stitch at any point later on)
  • I blocked my vest before adding the buttons ~ it was much easier to figure out where to place them once all the edges were flat!
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April 29 2012
May 28 2012
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