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December 26 2011
January 6 2012
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The City
#24 Ruffled Cardigan by Faith Hale
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Feza Yarns Mesmerize
21 yards in stash
6.25 skeins = 856.3 yards (783.0 meters), 312 grams
Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Coralville, Iowa

Saw the yarn, re-queued the project! If I end up not liking the sweater, I had a perfect substitute, but I don’t remember what it was….I hope I like this sweater! A silver Contented Cardi might be pretty, though.

I’m going to put the button holes on the edge of the cardi where I will pick up the ruffled edge. Or I might decide to put a zipper in. We shall see!

People complain about Vogue Knitting’s careless printing all the time, so I had the presence of mind to check for errata on this pattern. They forgot to say “sew shoulder seams” and all mention of how to do the sleeve caps! Wow. I’m glad I didn’t renew my subscription.

This yarn is surprisingly awesome! It’s super soft (silky, even) and only a little splitty. But, if you split it, it turns into one hell of an ugly snag. :S Those have been minimal thus far (which isn’t very far, really). I don’t think it’s worsted. It’s more like a sport or dk, really. That said, I had to go down two needle sizes to get gauge. Despite all that, I’m excited about this sweater! I think I really will like it and wear it.

Named for a Patrick Wolf song that seems as New Year’s Eve-y as this sweater. :) In any case, I’m going to dance in this sweater as much as I dance to this song! Besides, Patrick Wolf is sparkly and I can’t not name my sparkly sweater after him.

“Not about the debts you made, the car we never had, the house we never owned. Darling, don’t look so sad.”

I’m going to need a break from flat stockinette stitch for a while after these last two projects. :P Though I have been thinking ahead while mindlessly knitting and purling along (I hate purling!): I’m going to kitchener the shoulder seams. Real seams or maybe even a three needle bind-off will make the cap sleeves look funny and feel a bit uncomfortable, I imagine. I’m also contemplating making the ruffle more ruffly. My plan to move the buttons may already fix that, though.

-Kitchenered the shoulders
-picked up 3 sts for every 4 rows on fronts and shaped edges and an equal # along back neck.
-picked up stitches along the left front, placing a stitch marker where the pattern says to stop picking up stitches (after left shaped front).
-doing ruffles as written until second marker: left front button band will not be ruffled.
-No button holes. I’ll do hook and eye closures.
-Left front will be folded over when binding off ruffle, on the last row, the left front will be knitted together with picked-up edge and bound off (like a hem).

Meh. Not my favorite project. Should have used the 6s. Or 5s. A wash and strategically-placed closures will fix it up nicely.

Okay, I’m going to admit that I have never worn this sweater! It’s a hairy, scary beast and I don’t know why it took me months to realize it! Maybe I can figure out how to de-hair it or something to wear it with that distracts from its hairiness, but until then, it’s going to hide in my closet!

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December 26 2011
January 6 2012
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by Feza Yarns
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