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Bunnies and Bettas
Felted Fish by Anita M. Wheeless
Needles & yarn

Just for the record: the boy swore he wouldn’t break up with me in the middle of this project. Now I have to keep it a never-ending project so he’ll never break up with me. :D

I’m busting my own and others’ stashes (because I don’t actually have a stash to speak of) to fulfill the boy’s dream of knitted decorations in his new condo. He has bettas and angelfish, so that’s what I’ll make. I’ll throw in some anemones, coral, starfish, and seahorses for good measure too. Maybe even a bunny, though the title is really more of an inside joke about a yarn shop he’s going to buy me some day.

For the starfish: A More Accurate Brittle Star Pattern and/or Starfish Pattern

All the patterns I used: Baby Pufferfish, Seahorse Crochet Pattern, Fishies, Mini Amigurumi Octopus

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August 5 2010
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