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December 1 2009
January 13 2009
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His Girl Friday
Girl Friday by Mercedes Tarasovich
December 31, 2018
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted
8 skeins = 880.0 yards (804.7 meters), 400 grams
Knit Picks

The color I’ve chosen is very similar to the pattern color. I’m a little worried because it’s super blue and I’m not a bright color person by any stretch of the imagination. I love the pattern mostly for the color, so I hope all goes well.

Mod plans: knit in one piece, split at armholes, lengthen ribbed cuff on sleeves, work sleeves in round, eliminate weird stockinette panel under arms.

I’ve been so anxious to start this that I visited it in my queue!

I bought the yarn, so I’m counting that as starting. :) I’m so excited to cast on!!! I named it after a song by The Academy Is…, one of my favorite bands ever. The color is actually reminescent of the cover of Fast Times at Barrington High. I can see myself wearing it to a show. Then maybe Bill Beckett will tell me again that I can leave it with the merch guy so I won’t lose it or die of heat stroke in the crowd…though this doesn’t look like a warm enough cardi to worry about that. Jeez…rambling.

The color is darker than I expected. I don’t know how I feel about it. I can’t start it until I finish my philosophy paper.

Cast on! I should be reading Latin, though.

It’s holey, but the gauge is good. I’m going to do one full pattern repeat in the lace and block it to see what happens. I might have to rip it out and go with a smaller needle size, though.

I’ve decided it can be holey. It’s just my purl stitches. I don’t think they will block holey. I love this pattern! Mercedes leaves it open to customization and gives the measurements I can never figure out when I modify a pattern (length of sleeve from cuff to underarm, for example). I’m already in love with this sweater and it’s hardly a quarter of the way done.

I’m over the lace pattern. It’s easy and very memorable. I’ve been working on this for days straight, though, so it’s getting on my nerves, haha. It’s a sign: work on your goddamn homework! I will! Once I get to the underarms. :)

Sleeve modifications: cast on 42 (perfect for uninterrupted lace pattern), worked in round, knit 1x1 rib for 9 inches, no increases, work cap as written after the first decreases (which aren’t necessary except for one stitch).

I SCARCELY had enough yarn to finish this sweater. I seamed half of one sleeve with left over yarn from my Jerry Seinfeld vest and saved what I hope will be enough for some buttons. I somehow either failed to pack my crochet hook or lost it out here somewhere, so weaving ends will have to wait. It’s a bit tight in the arms, but nothing a proper blocking shouldn’t fix. I don’t intend to wear it over anything much more than a tank or a light t-shirt anyway.

I blocked the crap out of this sweater. It fits like a dream. I’ve never knit anything before this sweater that fits so well!

Edited years later to add: no, it doesn’t really fit, but I was too much of a n00b to know. I will try blocking the armholes and sleeves one more time, but if I can’t get them big enough, this is going to the frog pond (which breaks my heart because I love this sweater, even though I can’t wear it! :’(). If only I hadn’t modified the sleeves! If only I had known how to measure armholes! I have learned my lesson well, I assure you.

I frogged the sleeves in Sept ‘13 and the rest of the sweater fits amazingly, so I will merely re-knit the sleeves as written and my lovely sweater will be better than new!

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In progress
December 1 2009
January 13 2009
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