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viking for vinayak
February 10 2012
September 17 2012
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viking for vinayak
9 Viking Boat Jacket by Sandnes Design
my son
Needles & yarn
vardhaman caliber plus
7 skeins = 350 grams
deep wool
January 14, 2011
vardhman caliber plus
450 grams in stash
6 skeins = 300 grams
deep wool
January 1, 2011

Sept 17th its around 10 PM and this is DONE. I am so happy that finally it is completed. I can block the neck tomorrow and then put the zipper, the way my son wants it.

I want to thank fellow Ravellers Proseknitic and MRPP for their guidance on the project. they replied to my PM very promptly and their help was encouraging.

Putting the pictures with my elder son wearing the cardigan, the sleeves are longer than i thought they would be, hoping by next season they are the right fit.

April 12I had kept this aside for some time and also not done any knitting for a fortnight. I have finished one sleeve and done with 1/3rd of the other one. If i just sit with this sleeve, i shall be able to finish it in 2-3 days….. hoping to get this cardigan done this month.

March 14th finished the baody yesterday, I had made a portion of sleeves earlier, now starting with them. Thanks to Proseknitic, who sent me the dragon head chart for the sleeves, i plan to put them little higher on the arm rather than on forearm.

March 12th started the neckline castoff today, planning to finish this today ( fingers crossed).

tip work the chart to and fro, first right to left and then left to right, instead of working on two charts, one goes faster. highlighting the wored rows really helps a lot. i covered the rows with paper, so the worked rows are highlighted, and only the working row is visible….. easy and fast to work.

March 10th count down for the last row started, 26 rows left for last row of chart E. the snow capped mountains are done and now the bird and the dragon’s mouth is taking shape. once this is done, the sleeves have to be focused…..

March 5ththis is going well, had kept it aside for 3 days, busy with work and also got lured by illusion knitting ;) which btw is addicting too, esp its a small project that i am trying….hoping to finish this project this month ( fingers crossed…. my must finish projects get jinxed )

Feb 28 done till the end of the boat, now the mast or the dragon’s neck starts.
there are few mistakes in the graph, one ‘dot“ for contrast color is extra for left side, on the row where the “dress” of the “wariorr”, a minor detail.. i guess. i would love to finish this asap…. i think i am mid way right now :)

Feb 20 Sunday was a good day too do lots of rounds. added few more markers where i needed. the graph i have has highlight rows which i have already worked and a post it to mark what i am knitting, the chart above the knitted row is hidden by post it….. a nice tip i saw on youtube.

so the boat has taken its shape.

Feb 19 did the sleeves, now both the seelves are at same rows of the pattern, have kept them aside for a while. doing the body ( again)….

now we need lots of markers, and i mean every 10th row is marked, sections which are same thru out the pattern are separated from the “boat”

there are abt 120 rows ( from when u start with the boats….) so i guess i i have to plan how many rows per day ( a target will help plan how much time it shall take … add to it the delays one can have …. )

all in all ….. this is addicting

Feb 17 started with second sleeve today, done the st st … now shall change to larger needles, i want to finish the chart B and C asap, this, i feel, needs more concentration, though the chart is easy, its even easier to make mistakes. i have already made one in the first sleev, cant rip it off, so i shall make the same here on the second sleeve :) ( chart A … forgot to keep the centre stitch pattern in mind )

Feb 14 started with the body instead of sleeves as planned ealier, lazy me, the graph had to be charted out for the begining of the rows, so i thought why ont just cast on for body, do the st st in white for the border….. but then after that done, the blue color was so tempting and it kept saying“pick me up”

well the steek is in centre, finished till first half of chart B- first repeat ( shall be doing 1-1/2 reapeats of chart B as mentioned in the pattern )

about the sleeves : i first started with st st - as mentioned in pattern, the thought what would a corugated rib look like, so started with other sleeve, the swatch was too loose and if i decrease the sts, then there will be gathers.. will plan out this in some other project….. must do …. this corugated ribbing…..

Feb 10 fininslly started this one, it had been on my queue for excatly a year, and the day i saw this pattern, i fell in love with this.

I am starting with the sleeves first, this will help me with gauge and also get in the mood of stranded knitting ( though i have done few projects, but this is … serious stranded knitting with “steeking” )

i have watched a lot of you tube videos and gathered courage for steeking too.

fiber i am using is acrlyic, i shall keep a wider steek than mentioned in pattern and try to keep the job in the steek. for the sleeves it shall ve different as the jog should be avoided ( at least put towards the body side of garment )

lots of pictures and updates shall be coming up for this project

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February 10 2012
September 17 2012
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