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October 6 2013
August 29 2015
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#17 Boxy jumper
#18 Boxy jumper by Melody Griffiths
Needles & yarn
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn
1 skein = 656.0 yards (599.8 meters), 150 grams
Patons Australia Bluebell 5 ply

I love the design in the magazine and decided to do it in the yarns I have rather than in DK. I have no idea whether I have enough of the Kauni to do more than just the front, but plan to just do colourwork on the front and make the rest in charcoal.

I have to say that doing stranded colourwork back and forth in pieces is a right pain in the arse because every time I knit a wrong side row I make a mistake somewhere and have to tink back half of my stitches!

17/2/2014 - have picked this up again with a change of plan. Using the centre pull end of the Kauni I have knitted up the back until it was as long as the front piece so far (about 12”). By lucky coincidence both sides are on the green portion of the yarn. I have joined front and back to enable knitting in the round, though the front and back are separated by strips of plain grey. Handy because below the green portion the colours don’t match up.

18/8/2014 - Decided to do two more mods to make it more wearable for my sensitive skin: 1) built in some steek stitches in the centre front so that I can turn that into a henley opening (to reduce the amount of wool on my upper chest); and 2) switch to merino only rounds halfway up the armpits.

13/7/2015 - I’ve finished the body of the sweater, including adding extra garter stitch trim at the front and back hems. It’s all blocked and ready for steeking. Now I’m working on the sleeves - I’m doing one wide tube and will cut that down to two identical sleeves.

18/8/2015 - the sleeve tube was finished; I cut it up into two and sewed up the seams using a backstitch. Also used backstitch to sew up the shoulders. The photo shows the garment nearly done, with the sleeves sewn in (I had to take them in quite a bit, don’t know what happened there) but the henley opening at the front still to do.

I have in fact steeked the henley front, knitted a buttonhole band and neck band before blocking the whole thing. When I get around to it I will try it on properly and think about what to do next. Have a feeling I will have to redesign the neckline.

5/9/2015 - in the final form the henley trim has been removed so that it’s just a front slit with no closures. I left a gap at either side of the neck opening unsealed as I liked the effect, but picked up and knitted around the neckline in red.

I also took the sleeves in dramatically so that they are now very close fitting. It meant cutting quite a bit of knitting off, it’s worth doing if it means I like the overall product more. Now, the only thing I don’t love is that the garter hems are a bit flare-y so if I could bother to I would undo the back garter hem and make it shorter.

Have had some nice comment about it so far

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October 6 2013
August 29 2015
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