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Nine Tailors: or The Sock That Ate Milwaulkee

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February 11 2009
March 6 2010
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Nine Tailors: or The Sock That Ate Milwaulkee
The Nine Tailors by Lisa Grossman
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Nine Tailors
in stash
Holiday Yarns in Syracuse, New York

Beads! I’ve never knit with beads before! Now I have beautiful emerald beads tucked underneath my angels.

At the moment, this pattern is making me feel brilliant. I’ve successfully started the color panels and the cabling. We’ll see if I continue to feel like the. smartest. knitter. ever.

4/21 Slow going… mostly because this is not mindless knitting, and I’ve only had time for mindless knitting. I have one other not-mindless-knitting project OTN right now, and it has a deadline, so these poor socks are languishing. Not for long, though! As soon as the semester ends, I’ll be back working hard at these.

5/9 Socks have once again rotated onto the active knitting list (esp. now that I finished my Seascape shawl.) I have now discovered that it is possible to rip back rows of the colorwork panels to fix them. The trick is to make sure the MC floats get in the right place, b/c otherwise the colorwork falls to pieces.

12/25 I’m so excited! After the sock has languished in the background of all my Christmas knitting, I have finally finished the first sock! Hopefully I’ll cast on the second angel roof later today.

2/11/10 Well, it’s the one year anniversary for these socks, and I only have about half of the last foot to go. Unfortunately, I have rehearsal tonight and the Ravelry Olympics start tomorrow, so these socks will probably not get done until after the Olympics. Sigh. I really wanted to finish them today.

3/6/10 Yes! Second toe grafted! Now all I have to do is weave in the ends from the color panels.

Aaaaannddd… they’re done! Totally and completely finished. Ready to wear to knitting group tomorrow to show EVERYONE! I’ve never had a project that I loved take so long to complete, but I’m really, really happy with the socks.

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February 11 2009
March 6 2010
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