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Cable Luxe Tunic
October 15 2008
February 14 2009
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Cable Luxe Tunic
Cable Luxe Tunic by Lion Brand Yarn
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Patons North America Classic Wool Merino
5.6 skeins = 1248.8 yards (1141.9 meters), 560 grams
P & S Fabrics in New York City, New York

2/15/09 - FINISHED! I love this sweater. It is so comfortable.

2/11/09 - I’m onto the second sleeve now; about 5 inches so far. I have decided to make the sleeves symmetrical and identical. I have the cables twisting towards the double column of slip stitches, which I think makes them look less like a mistake and more intentional. Also, this makes the cables on the body follow the sleeve on both front and back of the sweater. Pictures soon!

1/27/09 - I stayed up late last night to finish and block the front. I’m so excited to baste it together to check the fit! Sleeves are next.

1/18/09 - I’ve wet blocked the back side to see how it looks. I had noticed that I eliminated the last 2 increase rounds when I meant to eliminate only 1, so I was worried that the tunic might be a little form fitted, which isn’t exactly what I want. Well, blocking helped A LOT and my back measures 24.5” at the bottom edge which is plenty big.

12/28/08 - After getting as far as this, yesterday I ripped back to the last back increase. I decided that with my hourglass figure such an extreme trapeze shape might not flatter me as much as it would a slender figure. I did increase 1 on each side purl section that would not have been included in the increases in order to keep the number of purl stitches (3) between segments consistent. I would have been concerned about ripping back 6” except this has been such a fun and fast knit. I’m already back to were I was yesterday before I ripped.

11/24/08 - Picking up the stitches gave me a twinge of anxiety, but it really wasn’t a big deal. I knit the garter yoke in round in less 30 minutes with no seaming necessary. Easy!

11/20/08 - I didn’t kitchener the ends after all… that was a bit beyond my skills. So I bound off and then unzipped my provisional chain and then grafted the live stitches to the bound off edge.

11/15/08 - This pattern was chosen for a KAL on the Lion Brand Blog which should be fun. I’m almost finished knitting the yoke over again and I’m really glad I chose to change the cable. Even though all the versions I have seen with the asymmetrical cable look great, it stuck out in a way that I don’t think I would have been OK with. The cool think about knitting it over again is that I have the cable memorized and I also started with a provisional cast on. I want to graft the yoke seam together at the center back.

11/6/08 - crap. I think this cable should be symmetrical like the Pringle Sweater it’s imitating. There is a more correct cable chart in Vogue Knitting (but it has a different error!) that matches the Pringle sweater and the Maxi dress version. To be a perfectionist, row 11 should be (3/3RC, 3/3RC) not (3/3RC, 3/3LC) I think I might start over. AGH!

11/5/08 - yoke is blocking. It grew to 53”. I’m going to have to rip back 2 repeats (17).
11/3/08 - Yoke is done, I think. I need to block it to be sure. I wish this pattern had specified number of cable repeats per size on the yoke as well as dimensions. There’s no row gauge for the cable pattern. I’ve got 19 repeats = 45” and I think it shouldn’t be a problem to block it to 47”.
10/17/08 - 3 yoke repeats done. Charting that cable helps a lot!

Pattern errors noticed so far:

  • The pattern neglects to include 3/3 RC instructions, even thought they are necessary due to the official correction.
  • The side cables on the body should be symmetrical and the pattern only includes the 3/3 LC cables. I think the solution is to make the first half (right side) 3/3 RC cables.
  • The 4/4 Center Cable is upside down. The correction would be: Row 3: K4, 4/4 RC. Row 9: 4/4 LC, k4.
  • The sleeves appear symmetrical in the picture but the pattern is not. I plan to knit the cables going towards the center, to match the direction of the body cables front and back.

10/16/08 I charted the cables because a) I wanted to make it easier to follow on one page and b) I read other notes about the cables not matching the picture…. I’m definately making mine symmetrical and fixing the center cable.

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October 15 2008
February 14 2009
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