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BB-8 inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Casey Barnes
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
5.0 mm (H)
171 yards
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
0.01 skeins = 3.6 yards (3.3 meters), 1 grams
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
0.1 skeins = 36.4 yards (33.3 meters), 19 grams
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
0.1 skeins = 36.4 yards (33.3 meters), 19 grams
Sears Sayelle
0.4 skeins = 95.2 yards (87.1 meters), 45 grams

Tip: don’t start this project at night, lest you be like me and use off-white yarn instead of white. Ugh.

Started over in the daytime with white yarn. Thankfully I hadn’t done too much with the off-white so didn’t lose a lot of time.

I had some confusion when making the patches. It said to dc 8 in the skipped sc of a previous round. I know how to do this, but it didn’t say whether to work in front of or behind the chains made. Originally I started working behind the chains, but that didn’t look right so I pulled it out. I then tried working AROUND the chains, and I think this was the right thing. The pattern could have been clearer on this point. I made 2 dc in each of the four skipped stitches.

Yarn usage is estimated, as I don’t have a scale.

Soundtrack - Total time: 5:28

0:51 The Black Mages: The Skies Above
1:08 A New World
1:09 Final Fantasy X Official
0:41 Calming playlist
0:38 Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections
0:41 Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections vol. 2
0:20 Wishes!

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September 6 2016
September 23 2016
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by Red Heart
100% Acrylic
364 yards / 198 grams
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