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Mini Moods of Change
Mini Moods of Change by Frank O'Randle
Hooks & yarn
1.65 mm

Using mystery thread from a Pisgah-Elmore grab bag.

Submitted in the Nerdopolis 1.3 round 3 challenge Carousel: Love What You Do

Rav handle: xnera
Team Name: Team Co-Op
Craft: Crochet
Description of how event theme is met: Our theme this month is gaming in other media. I took my inspiration from Hikaru no Go, a manga about a boy named Hikaru who discovers a haunted Go board in his grandfather’s attic. The spirit of Sai, a genius Go player, enters Hikaru’s consciousness. He takes up the game to appease Sai, and soon falls in love with it. The story follows his progression in the world of Go and his battles with his rival, Akira Toya. My doily is round and white, just like a Go stone.
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Team shout out for Nerd Cred: (Optional) The White Mage Empyrean gear from Final Fantasy XI is also white.

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December 1 2015
December 25 2015
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