Scheepjes CAL 2016 'Last dance on the beach'
April 20, 2016
August 10, 2016

Scheepjes CAL 2016 'Last dance on the beach'

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Last Dance on the Beach Scheepjes CAL 2016 by Scheepjeswol
our bed
twice the normal size
Hooks & yarn
Scheepjes Merino Soft
69 skeins = 3450 grams


I used these additional colors for my blanket:

purple: 639
mustard yellow: 641
creamwhite: 602
dark seagreen: 643

The plan was to use two color packs, but I decided to see how much yarn each square would use and order more accordingly. I’m so sorry but I didn’t keep track of how much yarn I used in total, but I certainly didn’t use twice the amount. So I’m guesstimating that I used 30 extra skeins in addition to the yarn kit.


I am using some patterns of the scheepjes 2014 CAL (see photo) for my extra squares. Works wonders after I adjusted the pattern for the size and stitch count of the 2016 CAL squares :)


It’s finished!

I made 96 squares in total, each square measuring 20x20 cm. I substituted the week 12 square for the week 5 square of the 2014 CAL. I also made 4 squares of week 8 of the 2014 CAL next to the 4 I made for week 11 (CAL 2016)

Joining and border:

I used single crochets (US) for the joining and used 131 grams.
I started the border with a row of single crochets first, to give it some more structure. I used hdc3tog for the corner stitches and the joining line. With the joining of the squares I skipped all the first and last corner stitches. In hindsight this hdc3tog wasn’t a good idea, because it is quite loose.
My border is 8 rows high, because I ran out of yarn. I only had the sand color of the yarn kit, and I knew it would be almost impossible to get extra yarn from the same dye bath.
For the border I used 211 grams.


Because the blanket I made is so wide, it really stretches on the sides, because of the weight pulling it down. I think this has to do because the squares are only joined through the back loops (This method gives the blanket less structure) and the nature of the yarn. Wools do have the tendency to stretch out more as opposed to acrylic. Also, my squares are 20x20 cm and I crochet loose, so they are, by default, more prone to stretch.
I DO NOT blame the designers for this! They made the blanket with a different size in mind and made the squares with a smaller gauge, so they probably do not have this problem.

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April 20, 2016
August 10, 2016
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