The Boots Required It
August 20, 2012
August 31, 2012

The Boots Required It

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Roam Tunic by Amy Christoffers
40.5 to get 32ish
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
madelinetosh Erin Heritage Wool Series
672 yards in stash
4.2 skeins = 1008.0 yards (921.7 meters), 487 grams

Welcome to the grand experiment.

Issue #1: My yarn. Yeah, it ain’t bulky, just the yarn I wanted to use. I get about 16.something stitches to the inch using size 10s and a fabric I like. I am making the 40.5 to compensate for gauge differences. But that won’t be such a problem because…

Issue #2: I am converting to top down and in the round so that I can try the thing on and see if my math works and adjust if it does not.

I will be endeavoring to record what I do here in case others of you like the dress/tunic, but don’t like how it’s written.

8/20/12: Learned this was bottom up and flat. Pouted. Got out highlighter and pen. Worked backwards as follows:

  1. Cast on for back right shoulder using final stitch count on back directions. Stockinette for 3 rows with short row on the 4th and two rows across all stitches. Put stitches on hold and did the same for the back left. Worked across back left stitches, cast-on additional stitches needed to reach pattern’s final stitch count prior to shoulder shaping, knit across back right stitches.

  2. Beginning with the next row (a purl row) started following the pattern chart upside down. It is an 8 row chart where odds are right side and evens are wrong side, so this first purl row was row 8 on the chart. Next row (my second, chart row 7) I reversed the cabling on the center 14 stitches so that my Vs would point the right way.


  1. Knit until length matched pattern to armhole shaping. Added increases to match pattern’s decreases. Put sweater back on hold.

  2. Will repeat process for front. Ok, repeated process for front. After increasing for neckline, cast on stitches for front including the pattern’s final BO # of stitches.

  3. Joined in the round after front measured same as back. Am knitting one cable repeat and then trying on to see if I did this right. I did it right. Maybe a touch looser than I wanted, but not enough that I’m going to worry about it prior to waist shaping.


  1. Decided, due to slight bigness around bust, to start waist shaping early (I generally start close to 4” beneath armpit). I’m going to do more decreases than the pattern calls for and do them every 8 rows (1 pattern repeat). I started the first one at 2 pattern repeats below join. Will do it every 8 rows until I hit slimmest part of my waist and hope (assume) it’s enough. Since bust and hips are the same size, I will likely increase fewer stitches after my waist.


  1. Not much of an update, I am still working my way down the body. I think I’ll have room for one, possibly two more sets of waist decreases. Only concern at the moment is that my second ball of yarn does seem a bit darker than my first, but I’m plugging away like it doesn’t matter because the yarn shade is pretty variegated to begin with. Remember this date when I live to regret this choice…


  1. Total of 5 sets of waist decreases. Work two pattern repeats without shaping, commence hip increases after second repeat.


  1. After finishing my second ball of yarn which got me down to about my hipbone, I started the sleeves. I picked up 66 stitches, followed the short-row shaping instructions, and then aggressively decreased to 52 stitches, knitting stitches together along the underarm. Worked to 5” from shoulder as written.

10: Decided while I was in a ribbing mood to start the collar. Picked up 96 stitches around the neck (more than pattern stated but I would much rather have a loose neck than a tight one.

  1. Hey remember earlier when I was talking about not alternating and differently colored skeins? Yeah, it’s now a problem. Collar and arms markedly different from bodice. I smell some attempts at sponge overdyeing of the light parts in my future. If you know how to do this, I’m all ears!


  1. Worked in pattern until dress was 4” shorter than desired finished length, switching to ribbing.

  2. So I should have alternated skeins. The color changes in the body are far less noticeable than the color changes in the neck and sleeves. I will most likely rip those out and knit them again with the leftover skein I used for the bottom ribbing which is closer in color. This will teach me.

  3. However, I’m pleased with how I constructed this, how I did my numbers, the fit, etc. (the boots). Mostly successful project!

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August 20, 2012
August 31, 2012
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