Anne Blayney

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Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
At some point in our knitting lives, most of us encounter That Skein. That Skein is hand-dyed, richly multi-hued, and a perfect masterpiece in its own right. That Skein is something we covet, something we can’t resist purchasing, something we pet and stroke… and yet it languishes in stashdom. The problem with That Skein is that we can’t quite m...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Hue and Value is a pretty way to experiment with simple stitch patterns and textures, and to let two coordinating yarns play and mingle with each other. Choose two yarns with similar shades for a subtle effect, or choose contrasting colours for more punch. Work the shawl as written, or make it larger or smaller by adding or eliminating sections.
Knitting: Mittens
These colourwork mittens feature cameos—those most classic Regency silhouettes—of a young lady and her fine gentleman gazing at each other. The silhouettes are framed with cabled ovals, worked with the contrasting colour against the main/background colour. The cables give an unexpected hint of texture to the stockinette-stitch mittens and add a...
Knitting: Cowl
The word ’umami’ comes from Japanese, and means ‘pleasant savoury taste.’ Many consider it to be a primary taste group, along with sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. It’s that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes everything from soy sauce to ketchup taste so good.