Beverly Army Williams

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Crochet: Potholder
Imagine a stock magically made from champagne, heated with birthday candles, cooled by ice cream, then scattered with celebratory tissue paper scraps. That’s confetti aspic. Perhaps the aspic is better left in the imagination, but this potholder was designed to create a festive touch for the kitchen. Three cheerful yarns and double crochets int...
Crochet: Potholder
Inspired by Miami Modern architecture, this potholder uses a reverse filet crochet technique. While traditional filet crochet designs are created by filling in blocks among a net of open spaces, for this project, the spaces are kept to a minimum. Be sure to use strongly contrasting colors for the front and back to get the full MiMo effect.
Crochet: Potholder
The Riley Potholder nods to circular hairpin lace doily patterns popular in the early 20th century, right around the time when the phrase “living the life of Riley” was on the lips of soldiers and their sweethearts.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Froken C gave me permission to post this translated adaptation of her Little Scallops hat for kids.
Crochet: Potholder
2/13: Jennie May is now available as a pdf. Pre-order of the e-book will be available soon. This purchase is only for the Jennie May potholder pattern.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
Warm up for spring air with these dainty hairpin lace Picnic Mitts and look pretty with handmade attitude!
Crochet: Scarf
7/24/10: Please note that the pattern has been updated to fix a typo. On page 2, it now reads: “using sc as center stitch…” NOT “strip”. Please download the corrected pattern!
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
To make two hats, you’ll need two skeins of contrasting yarn. There will be leftovers of each when you’re done!
Crochet: Bookmark
This dainty bookmark is a perfect first project to try out a hairpin lace loom. You only need a little bit of yarn, so it’s great for leftovers!