Caroline Levander

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Shrug / Bolero
I have a friend that started knitting when she realized that there are lots and lots of beautiful garments to knit and that knitting had moved on from itchy sweaters of the type you as a child was unhappy enough to get as gift from older relatives. Rather than learning to walk before se could run she flipped through all my knitting patterns and...
Knitting: Beret, Tam
The budding leaves beret has a leaf motif worked into the shape of the beret. The increases and decreases of the leaf shape creates the changes in the width of the hat. It could be worn as a quite snug traditional beret, blocked flat or as a more slouchy rounder hat, depending on size and blocking.
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This is the discreet version of my more symbol obvious Pentagram tam. The cap has a cabled pentacle hidden between the ribbings of this classical style men’s hat. With a fold up it becomes a watch man cap and without the fold it will be discreetly cabled men’s hat with a sign for those who knows how to look for it.
Knitting: Shrug / Bolero, Scarf, Shawl / Wrap
The Carry on, cover up is a shawl, scarf and shrug, all in one piece of knitting. The sides of the shawl can be buttoned together where ever one wishes, trough paired buttons that can be removed when used a shawl. It is the perfect travel garment that will give you a warming scarf, shawl or a light cover up in the form of a shrug, when only pac...
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
The Wedding Bells Shawl brings together three wedding symbols in its lace pattern. Each end is decorated with hearts and bells while the main part of the shawl is made up of a diamond pattern bringing in mind the wedding ring.
Knitting: Skirt
The Spring Flirt Skirt is a figure hugging skirt with a frilled leaf border. The colours of the variegated yarn resembles the early spring leaves and buds with their green and brown colours. The skirt in itself is a solid green that brings out the colour variation of the border.
Knitting: Beret, Tam
I just couldn’t resist the temptation of transferring the interweaving lines of the pentacle into interweaving cables. Enter: the Pentagram Tam - a tam with a cabled pentacle on the top.
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
The Harper’s Handwarmers was originally designed for winter indoors use but will be very handy now that the winter mittens will have to come off. They are knitted in Garnstudio’s Alpaca, a fine 100 % alpaca yarn, and are thin enough to be used even for chilly summer nights or a little too cold wedding day for a spring bride.