Allie Day

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Toy Plant, Puppet
Make a scenic forest for any time of the year or decorate with ornaments for a festive tree!
Crochet: Animal Toy
As well as being our first beginner amigurumi softie pattern, Piper is also the fourth addition to our Halloween series.
Crochet: Animal Toy
When he’s not munching on bugs or dangling from cave ceilings, Roy loves hanging with his pals, Bane and Selene. Roy never got the whole costume thing, though. He’s going as himself this Halloween!
Crochet: Hanging Ornament, Animal Toy
Dressed up and ready to go! Bane is our first Halloween pattern so far. His hat is complete with pumpkin leaves and tendrils, which can also be used to hang him as a decoration around the house or anywhere else. Bane is also a great stash buster for small amounts of yarn left over!
Crochet: Animal Toy
Selene is a Halloween themed cat, and our second Halloween pattern so far. Selene chose to dress up as a witch this Halloween. She’s outfitted with a candy corn witch hat and a brilliant orange collar. This is a super easy and quick pattern.
Crochet: Hats - Other
Harriet is crocheted in soft dk weight yarn using light and airy stitches, so it can be worn all year round without being too hot. A red bow accents the hat while the red trim ties it all together. Great for daily wear.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Lamb hat or bunny hat? You decide! With a quick change in ear placement you can have either!
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
A super quick and easy fox hat crochet pattern! Pattern includes a complete guide to crocheting your own fox hat with over 15 images to help you along the way, as well as a photo tutorial for an invisible finish that is great for any crochet project.
Crochet: Animal Toy
Meet Bingo the Bunny! Pattern includes a complete 8 page guide to crocheting your own bunny with over 10 pictures to help you along the way.
Crochet: Doll
Pattern includes a complete 11 page guide to crocheting your own Lady Sophia and her delicate thread dress with 16 pictures for your reference.
Crochet: Animal Toy
An easy, complete step by step guide to crocheting your very own Stephen the Cat. Pattern includes over 13 images and clear instructions.
Crochet: Softies - Other
Pattern includes a complete 5 page guide to crocheting your own Egg Delight with 10 images to help you along the way. Great for Easter too!
Crochet: Animal Toy
Super cute and fun to make! This pattern includes complete step by step instructions and over 10 images on how to make your very own Simon.
Crochet: Brimmed Hat
This hat features very breathable stitches, perfect for spring or summer. The brim is crocheted in tight stitches to protect your eyes from the sun. This hat works up very quickly. Great for last minute gifts and projects!