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Knitting: Market bag (slouchy), Messenger Bag
The Tardis bag is just like Dr Who’s phone box. It is bigger on the inside than the out. Expanding to accommodate larger loads however it lays flat and small until extra space is needed.
Knitting: Chart
This Knotwork Motif is a Chart only, it can be extended to any length by following the charted instructions.
Knitting: Chart
This motif is part of my elegant celtic skirt comming up for sale soon - it can be viewed on my projects page.
Knitting: Hats - Other
The Pakul (also spelled Pakol or Khapol, from the Khowar language of Chitral) is a soft, round-topped mens’ hat, typically of wool and found in any of a variety of earthy colors: brown, black, gray, or ivory. Before it is fitted, it resembles a bag with a round, flat bottom. The wearer rolls up the sides nearly to the top, forming a thick band, ...