Jenni Propst

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Knitting: Beanie, Toque
I love to dress up like my beloved Team USA, and with the Sochi Olympic games quickly approaching, I wanted a moose hat to match some of my favorite American athletes. Curling and hockey and speedskating, oh my!
Knitting: Doll
These are used with the tiniest bits of scrap yarn. Sometimes worsted weight, sometimes fingering weight sock yarn. Whatever exists around the house… that little bit left over from socks. ANYTHING! Pocket gnomes rock!
Knitting: Doll
The yarn colors and brand isn’t particularly important with this project. I did buy some skeins just for this doll, but only to get the perfect color to match my team colors. For much of it, I used scrap yarn, so definitely look at your stash and find those bits and pieces of things to bring together.