Jessica King-Cason

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Crochet: Accessories - Other
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Stitches used in this pattern:
Crochet: Brimmed Hat
I forgot to mention don’t forget to block the brim part of your hat! I will change this when I get back home :). You can use heavy starch when blocking your Brim. Make sure to protect it from the iron to have a towel to cover the top of the brim when blocking it.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
What you’ll need:
Crochet: Chart
This is a Graph you can add to your crochet projects! It makes a great M for a M&M Beanie!
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Note: This hat will have a seam in the back. Some of my Pattern Testers said that it was less noticeable when they join to change colors. Either way you choose you will still have a seam.
Crochet: Headwrap
What you’ll need:
Crochet: Applique / Embellishment
You can make this flower with any yarn and hook size!