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Crochet: Cozy - Other
This pattern was inspired by a good friend and fellow designer who gifted me some wonderful “unicorn” yarn (a one of a kind skein). I couldn’t find a pattern worthy of this yarn and so I designed this pattern for the yarn I got from my friend :)
Crochet: Doll
This doll was designed in remembrance of my late little sister Brenda. My prototype was made in crochet thread but the pattern was tested with worsted weight yarn.
Crochet: Earwarmers
Crochet: Decorative - Other
Crochet: Cup / Mug
I dislike using those cardboard cup holders when I get a hot drink. so I made up a fun little cozie, not only to keep my hands safe but to show my personality as well.
Crochet: Sleeveless Top
Crochet: Accessories - Other
This flower was made to go with my Lacey top. Decided to have it separate so that others can use it for bags, headbands, ect
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
how this pattern came about was my oldest was having Rock star day in school and she chose her colors and her stitches for this design
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
when I used an “I” hook this glove fit snug on me and flared up around the wrist area. you may have to drop down or go up a hook size to achieve the size you want. I have included some special notes in the pattern itself
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves