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Knitting: Scarf, Fingerless Gloves, Beanie, Toque
When my family relocated to Seoul, South Korea, we encountered the Coldest Winter Ever. I wanted to make myself a new matching set with a hat, scarf and fingerless mitts, but browsing patterns online, I couldn’t find one that didn’t look seriously outdated. So I made my own! This pattern is suitable for beginners who are looking to branch out j...
Crochet: Bonnet, Pixie Hat
This adorable pixie hat was specifically designed with the beginner in mind. Or the crochet-er who’s tired of making hats in the round! It’s got everything you want in a hat for your favorite little pixie—a whole lot of cute, a little bit flair, and a touch of decorative lace!
Crochet: Toys and Hobbies - Other
For my very first Mother’s Day nearly 5 years ago, my husband (and twin baby boys!) bought me my first DSLR. Since then, it’s been an ongoing battle to get both boys—and a few years later, a little girl—to look at the camera when I take their picture. I’m by no means a great photographer, so when a professional photographer friend asked me to m...
Crochet: Toys and Hobbies - Other
What better way to get little ones to look at the camera than to yell out, “Look at the giraffe!!!” Or maybe you just love giraffes and want to dress up your camera. Either way, this little lens buddy is an adorable camera accessory. You need it.
Crochet: Toys and Hobbies - Other
This little hippo lens buddy was made at a friend’s request because friends really are the best inspiration! It’s a simple pattern with super cute results because you really can’t go wrong with a gigantic gray animal that you would probably run from in the wild transformed into an adorable little lens buddy hugging your camera lens.
Crochet: Toys and Hobbies - Other
This adorable lens buddy is instantly recognizable, so what better way to entice little ones to look at the camera? The pattern includes instructions for making a Hello Kitty lens buddy, but it can be made in a variety of colors, with or without the bow and with the addition of eyes for different looks. So whether you just love cats or are a He...
Crochet: Toys and Hobbies - Other
If you’ve ever found yourself whistling, singing, jumping up and down, making strange noises or generally acting like a crazy person in order to get kids to look at the camera, then you need this! You’ll probably still find yourself doing those things, but you (and your camera) will look cute doing it.
Crochet: Toys and Hobbies - Other
My daughter carries around her stuffed sea turtle “Bee” everywhere she goes. Her brothers bought it for her with their own birthday money, so her love for Bee has an extra special place in my heart. As I’ve worked on designing and writing patterns for all these animal-themed lens buddies, I couldn’t leave out my baby girl’s beloved sea turtle. ...
Crochet: Brimmed Hat, Cloche Hat
Named for the Anastasia Chrysanthemum flower, this hat was designed for the fashion-forward, adventurously stylish little girl in your life! With a dramatically sloping brim and a gorgeous and unique crochet flower, this easy-to-make hat is sure to turn heads.
Crochet: Costume
LOVE those adorable newborn photo props? Want something really unique? Well, then this garden gnome is perfect for your little one.
Crochet: Costume
This pattern is suitable for beginners to advance beginners. You must be familiar with single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch, crochet in the round, and crochet edging.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
Although I enjoy both knitting and crocheting, there are certain things I love more about each craft. When it comes to crochet, I love how easy it is to learn and master beautiful, seemingly complicated stitches. And once you learn these stitches, making something as simple as a rectangular scarf takes on a whole new depth and beauty. One of my...
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
This pattern is written to fit children from 6 months to 3 years. However, the pattern can easily be adjusted to accommodate different sizes.