Knit-a- Zoo

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Baby Blanket
Vezzosa is a soft, perfectly reversible baby blanket with a lovely matching bonnet. The light pastels make it perfect for the baby, in any season. The wool is light but warm, for cozy walks outdoors or a comfy nap in the afternoon.
Knitting: Cardigan
Beth’s cables is a seamless top-down raglan cardi for baby girls, with beautifully combined cables along the raglan sleeves and down the sides.
Knitting: Animal Toy
A new Cordell has arrived, just in time for Christmas!
Knitting: Animal Toy
Mythology or reality? The reality is that Tarragon is a dragon with a tender heart and an obscure predilection for French cuisine. He will only blow fire for bbq-ing some sausages - to eat with lots of onions and garlic sauce!
Knitting: Animal Toy
An extremely easy-to-make and cute Owl with a funny face and big sweet eyes, who will make you smile every time you look at him. A companion that will bring tenderness and joy to both children and grown-ups.
Knitting: Animal Toy
Despite his grand name, Hannibal is a sweet, lovely and romantic little donkey who loves strolling in the nature, picking flowers and just daydreaming looking at butterflies. He will be a loyal, patient and sweet companion, a romantic buddy giving you a flower!