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Knitting: Gloves
The 1920s were a remarkable time in the history of women’s fashion. Influenced by the smooth, mechanized, geometric forms of the art deco movement, fashion from this time period has an innately delicate elegance and opulence about it. And stories of star crossed lovers from this period are rife with passion, intrigue, and untimely deaths. ...
Crochet: Swimwear
One size fits most - adjust position of triangles along the strap for the best fit
Knitting: Vest
Knitting: Beanie, Toque
For the last few years I have been utterly obsessed with strange acidy and burnt yellow colours, so when I first saw this yarn I was drawn in by its wonderful green and saffron hues. Then I laid a hand on it. Soft, yet bouncy and consistent, I knew it would hold a lovely lace pattern. Since I’m not a big fan of socks-- I suffer from severe...
Crochet: Decorative - Other, Home - Other, Craft - Other, Toys and Hobbies - Other
Amigurumi has been sweeping the crochet nation for several years now, and I’m definitely a big fan of these little creatures, however, I’m not too keen on increasing the quantity of tchotchkes. I prefer everything I make to be functional. Most of my Amigurumis are acting as tiny paper weights on my desk, and that’s when it hit ...
Knitting: Sweater - Other
The last size for the garment sizes should be 44/46 NOT 44/48
Knitting: Dress
Knitting: Dress
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