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Crochet: Beanie, Toque
The Beanie-Hat fits all sizes, from child to adult.
Crochet: Accessories - Other
The Carnation are quite simple
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Crochet: Dress
Summer Lace Dress
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Beanie with Flowers
Crochet: Dress
Fair Isle Dress
Crochet: Mittens
Mittens with Flowers
Crochet: Pillow / Cushion
Two lovely cushion covers in the pattern, easy and enjoyable to crochet and embroider.
Crochet: Mittens
These romantic mittens with rose buds are good and warm to weare a cold winter day. This is what we need when the temperature is falling! The mittens also have long cuffs to keep you nice and warm between mitten and jacket.
Crochet: Coat / Jacket
Marien is very happy with his new great School Jacket. Marie thinks he’s really tough. The basket weave pattern makes the jacket very nice and warm. With the separating zipper the jacket is easy to take on and off.
Knitting: Hanging Ornament
The Angel Girls are lovely for Christmas, coming soon, but why not all year round
Knitting: Hanging Ornament
Christmas is coming soon, sooner than you know!
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero, Coat / Jacket
This pattern contains two patterns, Cape and Bolero. They can be used together and separately. The Cape has good movement and can easily be made longer or shorter.
Crochet: Mittens, Brimmed Hat
This pattern contains two patterns, Hat and Mittens. The fall is coming with chilly days and Marie love these accessories. They are made to Marie’s cape, but they both fit well with any outfit.
Crochet: Belt, Headband, Earwarmers
Meet my friend Marien!
Crochet: Coat / Jacket
Now the pattern for my Coat is ready, and I can look forward to spring and get to use my coat and hole outfit together with or without the collar. The coat have also a very nice neck edge without the collar.
Crochet: Dress
Finally I can show off my beautiful Filet Rose Dress. This is just too cute to resist sharing. After a year in a drawer has it again emerged. The pattern is finally ready. Yes, ready to share so that other princesses can get this lovely dress too. The dress is a bit special with the uneven and pointy edges of the sleeves and hem and it is easy ...
Crochet: Legwarmers, Beanie, Toque
Now I’m ready, new hat, leg warmers and a small bracelet too.
Crochet: Cardigan, Skirt
Hello again!
Crochet: Drawstring Bag
Marie has now got a cute little Pompadour purse with roses like the ones on her new dress.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Hello again, I have got a new hat with tassels and I love it. As you can see from the picture, I have a poncho that fits. Soon there will come a pattern on the poncho as well.
Crochet: Collar
Here’s the pattern on the collar. It is designed for my coat, but since it is a loose collar, it will lighten up any jacket or sweater.
Crochet: Applique / Embellishment
I would like to share this Butterfly crochet pattern with you all!
Crochet: Bonnet, Pixie Hat
Spring is just around the corner and I’ve got new clothes to meet it. A new pixie hat with long cords and two hearts. This time, there are many colors used, but I believe it can be just fine with just a couple. Choose the colors you like. The collar you see on the picture will soon come too. The same goes for my coat.
Crochet: Poncho
I think I look very nice with my new poncho, don’t you too?
Crochet: Dress, Knee-highs, Headband
This listing is for the Dress, Headband and Knee Socks.
Crochet: Dress
Marie’s new dress is a really girly and pretty summer dress. By wearing T-shirt, blouse or tights under, you can dress it up or down and it’s good for any occasion.
Crochet: Cardigan, Coat / Jacket
Finally is the Cardigan pattern finished and I have a whole outfit.
Crochet: Coat / Jacket
The Granny Cardigan is perfect to provide an extra layer for your little lady on breezy spring or autumn day. Perfect to put on when the sun goes down and it wil be the perfect addition to your sweet one’s wardrobe. Elegant enough for those formal occasions, yet so trendy with a pair of jeans.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
This little hat is made for the outfit with jacket and leg warmers, but Marie is sure it will look nice with any jacket. Really cute with the crocodile edge and pompom on the top.
Crochet: Hair accessories, Headband
This headband is made for the The Butterfly Dress with cute crochet butterflies in two sizes where one is hanging down on a Twisted Cord.
Crochet: Thigh-high
These knee socks are super cute and romantic and I am sure your little girl will love them.
Crochet: Knee-highs
These Knee Socks are super cute and look very nice together with the Butterfly Dress, but will be cute together with any dress or jeans.
Crochet: Legwarmers
The Leg Warmers are made for the outfit with jacket and hat, but Marie is sure it will look very nice with any outfit. Really cute with the crocodile edge and pompoms. If you don’t want to mix colors, the leg warmers is gorgeous in one color too. Use them also in boots with the edge outside over the top of the boots. Nice and warm on cool days!