Deborah Ellis

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Crochet: Coaster
Requires approximately an ounce of worsted weight cotton for each coaster.
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth
These use about an ounce of yarn each, so they’re very economical. They’re awesome to use because they do cool flippy foldy things in your hand (without being uncontrollable at all)…there’s just such a nice big surface there without the thing being all big and draggy and awkward like dishcloths can sometimes get. Very light. I adore these. ADOR...
Crochet: Animal Toy
These little birds always make me smile, and I hope they’ll do the same for you. :)
Crochet: Animal Toy
These little bunnies are 1.75 inches (4.5 cm) tall and have an earspan of 5.75 inches (14.6 cm).
Crochet: Cozy - Other
Perfect substitute for a greeting card when giving a gift card! :D
Crochet: Baby Blanket
This combination of two classics works up quickly into the perfect blanket for a little one. With nearly infinite possibilities in choice of yarn and colors, you’re sure to create a blankie that will be carried and cuddled for years to come.
Crochet: Throw
Love granny squares but find them exhausting? Adore a log cabin but feel like they work up too slowly?
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth
There was a time when I would have laughed at someone who tried to describe to me the “luxury” of crocheted dishcloths. That was before I tried them myself! Now I understand what I was missing: the perfect combination of textured scrubbie-ness and cotton softness.
Crochet: Animal Toy
The finished bird is approximately 2.75 inches (7 cm) tall. The little nest is 1.75 (4.5 cm) inches across and .75 inch (1.9 cm) tall, and the bigger nest is 4 inches (10.2 cm) by 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) by 1.5 inches (3.8 cm).
Crochet: Softies - Other
A little amigurumi alien to keep you company. :)
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth
Finished size is 10.25 in (26 cm) square for a gauge of 1.5 shells per inch. This pattern is easily adapted to another yarn weight, but will require changes in hook size and/or length of starting chain.
Crochet: Bookmark
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth
Here’s a dishcloth with a feature that’s both beautiful and functional: lovely ruffled edges that are perfect for scrubbing tough spots and a lacy interior that keeps the cloth light and easy to work with.
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth
Perfect for using up odd scraps of yarn. Also perfect for washing dishes. :-)
Crochet: Washcloth / Dishcloth
The spiral is one of my favorite motifs, so I absolutely had to work it into a dishcloth. This two-color spiral with a square finish will take you less than an ounce of each color and works up with surprising speed. Enjoy!
Crochet: Toy Game
I think this pattern is great fun, but I’m just a little biased. ;)