Charlotte Dunning

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Electronics Cozy
My friend, Jessica (also a pattern designer, a fantastic one at that!), very kindly offered to re-do the PDF for my Pixie Mitts. I couldn’t think of a way to say thank you, until I suddenly remembered that I knew how to design a pattern. Her username, colorfulpurls, inspired me to make a purl cabled, and ribbed kindle cozy!
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth
Abstract is a colourful washcloth/discloth to help brighten up your day. It combines three simple stitches: Garter Stitch, Stocking Stitch & 2x2 rib, to create a textured and abstract cloth.
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth
When M.E gets severe, all we can manage is a quick wash rather than a bath or sitting-down shower. So rather than using a boring flannel, knit yourself something fun and interesting! This washcloth was inspired by berries growing among the hedgerows near where I live.
Knitting: Throw, Afghan block
Brain Fog is very disabling, especially when it comes to knitting. That is why I have designed this cute yet simple blanket square that is perfect for when you’re suffering from Brain Fog. They’re quick to knit, so you’ll have you’re very own squishy blanket in no time at all!
Knitting: Washcloth / Dishcloth
Inspired by the Candy Bobble French Press Cozy, this fun washcloth is great for gifts (make sure you keep one for yourself!).
Knitting: Cup / Mug
Fruit tea, herb tea, normal tea, maybe even just hot ribena is your style, well why don’t you keep your mug nice and hot with the Coffee Lovers Favourite Mug Hug. Inspired by Grandmother’s Favourite Washcloth, this simple cozy is perfect for those who want a quick knit or a last minute gift.
Knitting: Fingerless Gloves
With M.E/CFS you can suffer with joint pain, so why not solve that problem with your own pair of Pixie Mitts! These fun mitts are created by slipping stitches, so you’re only ever working with one colour at the time, perfect for those new to colourwork! (Also making it easier on the Brain Fog mind)
Knitting: Coffee / Tea Pot
Keep your French Press stylish and most importantly, hot! with this Seaside inspired cozy.
Knitting: Coffee / Tea Pot
Keep your French Press stylish and most importantly, hot! by making yourself the Candy Bobble cozy. This pattern is perfect for self-striping yarn!
Knitting: Headband
This quick and easy knit is perfect for hiding that bad hair day or to brighten up an outfit.
Knitting: Cup / Mug
Keeping hot drinks hot has always been a problem for hundreds of years, until now! Knit yourself the Simple Mug Hug, not only does it add a bit of style to your plain mug, it keeps it nice and hot for up to 40 minutes!