Peregrination Knits

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Beanie, Toque
Based on a pattern I wrote for a skein my now-husband bought for me on the day we became engaged, this hat is inspired by the funny places we find love. The cables and lace work together to create a wavy, unusual texture, and is perfect for your solid or slightly variegated yarns. This pattern is meant to fit with a “slouch” in it.
Knitting: Cup / Mug
This is a quick, easy cup cozy with an interesting slipped-stitch pattern…perfect for a quick gift, or to make your own ritual coffee and tea a little more cozy.
Knitting: Cup / Mug
This quick and easy cup cozy is the perfect way to not only save those cardboard cup sleeves from the landfill, but to save your hands from the occasionally too-hot cup of coffee or tea! The two types of cables provide an interesting texture, and are great for practicing your cables, as well as using up that last little bit of a beloved worsted...