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over 6 years ago

This has to be just about the cutest tape measure ever! Very well made, looks like it will hold up a long time. This is sure to make me smile any time I get it out to measure something. Thank you for such a cute, and functional item! I am almost tempted to order more, I know they would make great gifts for my friends.

over 6 years ago

If you have ever used Lantern Moon tape measurers, you will know that they are good quality. Bob is adorable! He is also bigger than I thought he would be and very useful! I got several compliments from non-knitters!

over 5 years ago

I love my Bob tape measure!

over 5 years ago

Excellent quality and so cute. I use it to measure everything including my dog’s waistline lol !

over 5 years ago

Just got my little “Bob-Measure” as I call him today and am SO happy with him. He’s a standard tape measure, much like the ones you’d see in any of the knitting “tool kits” you might see in WalMart or some such. While these tape measures generally don’t look like much, mine never failed me. I wound up losing it. However, I’m glad I did or I probably wouldn’t have been able to convince myself to buy Bob. :) He is awesome. I smile every time I look at him as my brain giggles. “Where my stitches at?”

It’s such a cute little reminder of the wonderfulness that is Ravelry and all that I’ve experienced over the years here. He’s charming, definitely a conversation starter.

Stranger: “Why is your tape measure a dog?”
Raveler: “Oh this? This is Bob. Bob rules Ravelry with a Mohair paw.”
Stranger: “What’s Ravelry?”
Raveler: “Buahaha, step into my weaving oh unsuspecting future fiber-addict…”

And thus, it begins!

The only “issue” I’ve had with Bob is that because of the crochet, the tape measure kept getting stuck when I pressed the retract button. Once I scooted the design around and made sure the opening wasn’t over-lapped at all and he’s been golden since. :)

As I said, I am so happy with this little guy. I have resisted SO many novelty tape measures from
sheep and lady bugs to panda bears and baseballs (all things I sincerely and truly love), but when I saw Bob and he came back in stock just a few days later, my knitters brain immediately said “We lost our tape measure anyways! We NEED a new one and he’s not THAT much more than a cheap tape measure….”evil smile as inner knitter accepts victory.

And did I mention that he’s cute?

over 5 years ago

I love it! I find myself smiling just glancing down and seeing a little Bob face in my crochet bag

over 5 years ago

I must have received a defective one because I pulled the tape out to measure a project and it wouldn’t retract. I tried to pull it some more hoping that it would recoil and nothing. Does anyone know how I can get a replacement?

over 5 years ago

Soy de argentina ,quise comprarme un bob y aqui no llegan queria saber si hay una posibilidad de que yo pudiera comprar el patron por internet,tengo cuenta con paypal

over 4 years ago

Well if kalamandah approves, then I want one for sure! :D

over 4 years ago

Cute tape measure. Excuse me, but in the description it says ‘metric and English’ measurements. That would be metric and American, right? The U.S. is the only place in the developed world that has not converted to metric!

over 4 years ago

Got Bob today. What a wonderful little guy, so cute and well trained.

over 3 years ago

This is just the cutest tape measure ever! (And I also have an old ‘Archie’ tape measure - remember that comic?)

over 3 years ago

He is cute but it wore out so fast I’m dissatisfied