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over 5 years ago

My mug arrived today and I love it!!!

The finish is perfect, the colour is just beautiful and the picture flawless. The handle is really comfortable to use and it’s lovely to drink from. It was very well packaged and arrived (in Germany) in one piece as you can see :D

image title

image title

over 5 years ago

Love it! It’s so cute! I use mine every day at work to drink my tea. :-)

over 5 years ago

I purchased this mug to celebrate finishing my first intense semester of primary/elementary education. It only took a week for it to reach Newfoundland; a lot sooner than I thought! I love it. It’s the perfect size. It came inside a UPS envelope that was stuffed inside a box with even more paper - very secure!

rav mug.jpg

Here’s an action shot with some Jade Oolong Chai from DavidsTea and my Ashton Shawlette

over 5 years ago

Yay! My mug came yesterday and it’s perfect and adorable. I love this size and the animals are so cheery. It came very quickly (less than a week) and it was well protected in lots of layers of paper and bubble wrap. I’m about to have my coffee out of it right now. Thank you!

over 5 years ago

Beautiful mug - lovely dark blue glaze. The artwork is not chipping at all, which is a huge problem for me and mugs for some reason.

It’s an odd shape, for me - not as squat as most coffee mugs. But it holds a good amount and has a nice balance and heft to it.

I’m seriously considering buying more (and that’s rare for me)!

over 5 years ago

My order of 3 arrived less than 3 days after ordering. They were gifts for two members (plus one for me) who knit with me each week. All of us were thrilled with them!

over 5 years ago

I L♥VE THIS MUG! Got it yesterday and was SO excited (sad, but true)!!! It’s so, so, SO pretty in person and it’s nice and big. The animals are all adorable and very fun and frolic-y. I don’t like coffee, but this is definitely my new go-to mug for tea and hot cocoa. ☺

over 5 years ago

How much is shipping for this item to Canada?